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beautiful, interesting, inspiring

Inspiration is around us and creativity within us.


Beautiful, Interesting, Inspiring



Inspiration is around us and creativity within us.


In order to let creativity flow and give it shape and form we need to nurture it and allow ourselves to be receptive to the stimuli that come and go.


In my efforts to harness creativity and enrich it further so that it will help me grow in my work, I am always collecting random "snippets of information" that come in my way and catch my attention. I look for patterns, surprising colour combinations, interesting juxtapositions, original viewpoints.


These random visual references come from all sorts of places and have many forms. I take photos, make written notes, draw quick sketches and collect bits and pieces. Nature, literature, travelling, song lyrics, museums and art exhibitions provide excellent sources for new fun ideas for my crafts.


There are days when creativity flows easily but there are also times of total black outs. Whatever the mood I often turn to my collection of Beautiful, Interesting and Inspiring random notes as they help me dream, think and focus.


Ideas can come from anywhere. We need to keep looking not only with our eyes but with our whole self.



"Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye"

                                                                      Dorothy Parker

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