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Just like Snowflakes...

each one special like none other!

My work

My Work



My work is very versatile and I never work on a single craft for a long period. I constantly learn new things by researching, practicing, experimenting and making mistakes. My final pieces are usually a mixture of different crafts put together. In my mixed media wall art I combine crochet with collage and painting. In my jewellery-making I use crochet together with beading and paper and in my paper-making art I often use stitching and crocheting. The possibilities are endless and this is what excites me the most.


I get the biggest joy from the process of making. It starts off the moment I come up with the idea to make an item, to solving all the technical problems, choosing the right materials and finally to the creative making hours. There is so much mental and physical energy involved in each step, that when I hold the final piece in my hands I feel that the purpose of the project is fulfilled. I am then ready to start something new, something which I have not made before and go through the whole process again facing new challenges.


Therefore, all the things I make, irrespective to whether it is just decorative or with a functional use, it is always a One-Of-A-Kind item. It is fully handmade, without striving for total perfection but rather respectfully enjoying the limitations of materials and handwork.


Usually my work is very tangible with a great juxtaposition of textures and materials. At the same time each item celebrates and evokes positive intangible elements such as fun, optimism, and contemplation.



Just like Snowflakes...

          ...each one special like none other!


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