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the place where I create

...I get there every morning and then

peacefully think, design, experiment, make and create...


...that's Bliss!

My studio

My Studio



Nowadays I have the privilege to work from my own studio. This space belonged to my husband’s family for generations. I am told that it started off as a candy factory, it became a grocery shop and then a gift shop and a warehouse before it was available again at the right time for me to take over and convert it to my creative haven!


It is a wonderfully large space with plenty of storage room and work areas. Most of my furniture and display units are salvaged from the previous uses of this space.


The move to my studio gave me the opportunity to develop my handmade work further and expand my crafting activities into new areas. I can now work on larger scale artworks and also make use of many different materials and art techniques without worrying about making a mess, long drying periods or having to put things away at the end of the day.


In my studio I am surrounded by my tools and materials but also all the things that I collect because I find interesting, inspiring or simply beautiful.


I am very thankful of the fact that I can get there every morning, play my favourite music and then peacefully think, design, experiment, make and create. Of course not all days are the same, but when that happens...


...then that's Bliss!

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