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I greet you from my home town Nicosia, the capital of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This little sunny place is where I live and work. 


I have been making “things” for as long as I can remember myself. As a kid I painted pictures on the back of old calendar pages, wrapped strings and ribbons around plastic strawberry baskets and cut out pictures from magazines to make collage posters. I watched my grandmother crochet in admiration and spent many summer holidays learning how to knit and stitch with my mother’s help. 


I studied Graphic Design and worked in this field for many years. As a young student I worked as an intern in a London design agency and then went on to take my first full time design job in the Netherlands. In Cyprus I used to run my own graphics company while raising my family. Crafting, however, was something that I had never abandoned. There were times when free time was sparse and I couldn’t really indulge in my favourite crafting activities, but the ideas of “things to make” never stopped banging around my head. Even then I kept a box with some beads, buttons and strings that would go open whenever I had  a moment to myself. Later this box became a whole shelf in my kitchen cupboard and as my children were growing up and becoming more independent my crafting took over the whole of the extra room in our house. 


Gradually crafting became my main daily activity while I still work on the occasional graphics job.


The journey of creativity has no boundaries. Through my work, I wish to be able to reach from my little spot in the world to yours.


Lets enjoy the ride together!


my work in three words





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