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Welcome to my crafts

My route to crafting

My move from Graphics and Advertising to handmade crafts was smooth and gradual, like something which was meant to be. As an Art & Design student in London back in the eighties, I did an Art foundation course followed by a 3 year degree course in Graphic Information Design. I found myself in my element from the first moment of my studies! During the foundation course I had the chance to get a taste of all sorts of arts and crafts related subjects such as printing, ceramics, life drawing, photography and woodworking among others. It was a real eye opening period for me.

Drawing studies in my sketchbook as an Art & Design student

My years in studying Graphic Design were intense but exciting and fascinating at the same time. I learned to think creatively to solve problems while making beautiful things. I got used to "looking" and not just "seeing" by developing attention to detail. I became competent in finding inspiration any time from any thing, in appreciating the power of colour, beautiful typography and good aesthetics.

Working creatively means to continuously progress.

Through my Art & Design studies I gained knowledge and skills which I am still developing and enriching to this day. Working creatively means to continuously progress. As life was progressing too, I found myself all more often applying past experiences and abilities, in making things with my hands. So nowadays, I solve creative problems using my hands crafting aesthetically pleasing items.

A distinctive brand

Because of my background I knew that presenting my work through the various channels in a disciplined manner was essential in building awareness. Early on I opted for a non rigid brand because my work is quite versatile, playful and always evolving. I have therefore designed a flexible brand-palette instead. This consists of soft colours, lightweight fonts, a pictogram of a snowflake and the quote “each one special like none other”. The pictogram in combination with the quote express the “one-of-a-kind” feature of my products, so just like snowflakes there are no two the same!

A playful use of these consistent elements give me enough flexibility to present myself in a creative but not too strict way throughout the social media and other marketing material.

The brand values

All my makes have a little bit of me in them. I imagine them, I think about them and then I go about creating them with my two hands. Unconsciously, I was always making things that were fun to wear, have or use, as I never had an interest in the sombre and dark side of life. I also never like to repeat the exact design of a craft as I feel that the thrill of creativity is lost once you have to reproduce an existing idea.

Consequently each item I make is fun, one-of-a-kind and handmade.

Or in short funooakhandmade

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