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I doodle!

Random doodling

When I am daydreaming, when I talk on the phone, when I am in a meeting, when I am thinking, when I try to solve a problem...

Whenever I am preoccupied I doodle. I scribble aimlessly without much thought or an apparent objective. It helps me to stay focused and attentive. Every time I find myself in a situation where writing tools are within reach I will doodle.

doodles and little drawings done in black ink in a sketchbook.
Doodles in my sketchbook

Mindful doodling

In fact I enjoy making these little drawings so much, that I sometimes choose to doodle as an exercise towards mindfulness. I like to use the Zentangle® method which involves drawing structured patterns on small square paper tiles. The idea behind this method is to create art using dots, lines, curves and simple shapes, without having to worry about the result, but rather focusing on each stroke you make.

Hands drawing doodles on square paper tiles.

Digital doodling

As a creative I find doodling on an iPad with a pencil equally exchiting. Tablets and drawing applications opened the door to more elaborate doodling by offering unlimited colours, shadows, layers, brushes and so much more. Digital doodling can be as freestyle or as controlled as the creator wishes it to be. Occasionally, I may even doodle over a photo background, creating amusing little scenes.

Black and white abstract drawing with lines dots and shapes. Done on a tablet as  a mindful exercise.
Freestyle Zentangle® type of digital doodling.
Colourful digital line drawing. Doodles, pattern.
Digital doodling using layers
Colourful mandala doodle. Digital drawing.
Digital doodling using layers and shadows
Looking down at clouds and blue sky. Aeroplane view.
Above the clouds aeroplane photo
doodle drawing of a fairy tale castle and trees in the clouds
Fairy tale doodles in the clouds

The joy of doodling

Doodling is something I do when I am not working. It is a relaxing creative practise in which I can engage without planning. It gives me the freedom of an open ended artistic activity which can be fun and liberating at the same time.

Check out some more of my digital photo-doodles and download the image to create your own doodle stories!

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