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Doodling by the beach

Doodles on a photo background

Doodling is a relaxing and fun creative exercise which can be enjoyed by anybody. It is not about creating beautiful art or meaningful designs. It is an impulsive and playful artistic activity that doesn't have to lead anywhere specific.

The joy is in the process

Often I like to use one of my photos as a background for my doodles. I use an ipad and a pencil to draw whatever comes to mind over my photograph, creating whimsical little scenes.

The day Nessie came to town

This is how I transformed a photo taken from my veranda on a quiet Saturday afternoon. It became the day when Nessie came to town and the crab got so scared that he run all the way out of the water and towards the house. A spider came down from the roof to eat my watermelon and palm-cat was astonished to see how big she was!

A beach photo is transformed into a whimsical scene by adding doodles. Nessie is swimming in the water, a spider is hanging from the roof and a palm tree is transformed into a kitten.
Doodles on a beach photo

Make your own silly little story

If you wish to make your own little story using this photo please feel free to do so.

Click on the photo above, save it on your own device and start doodling. I would love to see what you can come up with. Should you wish to share it please tag me @mariazampelas so that I can admire your art too.

Doodle away and have fun!

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