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Original art just for kids

One of my earliest childhood recollections is sitting on my bed looking at the beautiful pictures of my story books. I would stare at them for hours studying all the little details trying to absorb everything in. Some of these pictures are still vivid in my mind and I always get a warm feeling when I think about those carefree innocent moments.

Children's old picture books with vintage illustrations and Greek text.
Old picture books from my childhood

Me and my inner child

Now as a grown up person, with my own family and share of responsibilities I often feel the need of experiencing life’s challenges through a childlike simplicity. As an adult I have the maturity to grasp the complexity of a situation with all its positives and negatives and I don’t live in a dream bubble.

My inner child though, lives in this magical place full of colours and happy thoughts. A place were all dreams come true, people love each other and harmony rules. I safeguard this treasured inner child as it brings an unmatched balance in life’s daily hassle. Throughout my art I put this dreamy inner self at work. It is expressed in my choice of subjects, colours and materials. I believe this becomes most apparent in my Mixed Media Kids' Art, where I allow myself the enjoyment of fantasy.

Mixed Media Art for kids

Quick drawings in my sketchbook for new ideas for mixed media art for children. Collecting tools and materials.
Sketching new ideas and gathering materials

Mixed-media-art and assemblage is the type of serious work which seems like play. First I sketch the scene I want to recreate in pencil. Then I go about choosing the different materials for each part of my picture. I use things like paper, fabric, ribbons, beads, buttons and more. I also enjoy creating depth and textures by mixing different techniques such as crochet, stitching, collage, stamping and painting.

Canvas with background paint and collage art in progress. Paintbrush, paint, pens and fabric offcuts are all around the desk.
Canvas mixed media artwork in the making

Each finished canvas artwork is finished off with a professional custom made frame designed to match the concept of the image.

mixed media art with little princesses. an assemblage with paper, fabrics, buttons and beads in yellow, purple, turquoise and peach colour. Completed with a matching decoupaged frame.
Mixed media art for kids' room complete with a matching frame.

Sometimes my kids' art takes the form of a shadow box. It is built up with both two and three dimensional elements and all parts are made from scratch using a variety of materials such as paper, fabric, yarn and wood.

Small crochet bear  before it is assembled into an amigurumi toy, and a fabric doll in the making.
All elements of a shadow box art are handmade from scratch
Shadow box mixed media art for the baby room or the playroom. It features a handmade fabric doll and it friend a crochet bear.
Shadow box art for kids' room

Art for story telling

I make art for kids out of a personal need to nurture my inner child’s creativity and with the purpose of fuelling a young child’s imagination. I make decor for their room or playroom which will not only brighten their space but hopefully will also spark the beginning of a story, a conversation, or a playful learning path.

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