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Paper jewellery

Why I use paper to make jewellery

With a background in Graphic Design, paper has always been an important aspect of my work. I have always designed for print and through my work I learned how paper behaves, its different qualities and attributes.

Different types and qualities of paper

While expanding my creative endeavours to other forms of arts and crafts, making use of my beloved paper, was natural and unforced. I let go of the strict guidelines that accompany a client based design and applied all my previous experiences and knowledge into my personal and intuitive creations. Through extensive research, experimentation, and a trial and error approach, I familiarised myself with paper not as a mere surface any more, but as an art medium in itself. Its eminent ability to be manipulated by hand and unsophisticated tools, make paper an alternative, pliable yet strong art material with an immense creative potential.

newspaper cuttings, newspaper string, newspaper pulp. Paper manipulations and experiments.
Experimenting with newspaper
the making of a upcycled paper bangle using newspaper, tissue paper and torn pages from a magazine.
Experimenting with newspaper, tissue paper and magazine snippets

Paper is so versatile

The paper jewellery I showcase on this website is just a tiny sample of my artistic paper creations. My work in its broader spectrum involves handmade paper making, 3d figurative and non-figurative paper structures and paper wall art.

handmade upcycled paper samples, handmade paper art bowl, paper art doll with paper boad
Handmade paper, paper bowl, paper art doll
White handmade paper art. It incorporates a paper leaf casting
Wall art made with different up cycled handmade papers on a vintage map background.

Paper jewellery

Through my creative play and paper experiments I begun also to make paper beads and subsequently paperjewellery. I started with making very simple beads by rolling up paper strips and moved to more sophisticated shapes made with paper pulp or multiple pages from a variety of publications. Still to this day the more I work with paper the more I learn about new ways of manipulating it.

Sketchbook notes about jewellery designs and various paper beads
Sketchbook notes about jewellery designs and various paper beads

I consider my paper jewellery to be artistic little fashion statements. They are not meant to imitate jewellery made with precious metals and stones, nor are they supposed to replace or even be compared with them. Paper is an ephemeral material. Even though sealers and varnishes make them quite sturdy and hard wearing, paper jewellery are most certainly not the type of item that will go down from generation to generation. They are however, a fun alternative way to show an artistic flare and a support towards our Eco system.

set of two paper bangles made with magazine paper. paper pendant necklace made with newspaper, Upcycled paper pulp earrings
Paper bangles, paper pendant necklace, paper earrings

Paper jewellery should be loved and appreciated for what they are. Humble in material yet unconventional in style. Modest in monetary value yet precious in skill and creativity. Those who choose to wear paper accessories should wear them with pride.

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